On the 30th September 1997 it was the end of an era.  P&O's former flagship Canberra sailed up Southampton Water for the last time as she neared the end of her farewell cruise which had lasted 20 days. It was very misty that day.  I couldn't get down to see her arrive as I had flu so was disappointed the view wasn't better.  But as she filled the view, Don't Speak by No Doubt came on the radio of which some of the lyrics were very apt.  The 10th October 1997 was the day all ship lovers dreaded.  Canberra, berthed in the QEII terminal since the 1st, finally slipped her moorings at 9pm and departed Southampton for the final time to be scrapped in Karachi.
Final Arrival (30th September 1997)
From Hythe Ferry (6th October 1997)
Leaving for Karachi (10th October 1997)

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