Queen Elizabeth 2 & Queen Mary 2 in Fort Lauderdale
This review is written by Amy Blume.

The morning of January 10th, 2007 found me up at 4am on my vacation, and not because I was still up having a good time, but because I was waking up early.  The reason for this unlikely event was that Queen Elizabeth 2 was coming into Fort Lauderdale this morning on the next stage of her Silver Jubilee world cruise which began 8 days before at Southampton, England and I was lucky enough to have been sleeping on her near sister Queen Mary 2 ending a cruise at that same destination.  They were due to head out later that day together for Mary's maiden world cruise.  It was dark on deck and I wasn't alone straining to see in the darkness as Queen Mary 2 slid silently into Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to see if our sister ship was coming in behind us.  At five thirty, on boat deck with some crew and other shippies, we watched our ship dock with still no sign of the other Queen.  At six, beginning to worry, someone called the Purser who assured us that Lizzie was indeed on her way, but would be in at eight instead of six, due to having left two hours late from New York.  At 7am one of the officers stepped out to join us on Mary's boat deck and pointed at a smudge on the horizon.  "That'll be her then," he explained and then walked away.  Finally after a few minutes the smudge on the lightening horizon resolved into a familiar shape.  Then the boat deck started to fill with people.

As we were leaving I snapped this quick picture of the noses of the Queens from inside the terminal.  I could have gotten an even better one of them with the QE2 dead on but they threatened to take my camera away.
The last picture was taken from the air as we flew over the port and waved goodbye to Ft. Lauderdale.  I think it's spiffy!
To see photos of the fireworks in Southampton to send QE2 on her way click here.  To read about my QM2 cruise click here.

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© Amy Blume 10th January & 27th March 2007
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