Marco Polo and RMS Scillonian III at St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
Due to poor weather forecast, our ports on Marco Polo were swapped so the Isles of Scilly was the 20th April 2019 with Ringaskiddy the following day.  In the afternoon, the Scillonian III made her daily call from Penzance.  This 1346grt cutie entered service in 1977.  After the retirement of the St Helena in 2018, Scillonian III is one of two remaining vessels with the officially designated title of Royal Mail Ship, even though neither she nor the Segwun in Canada carry mail. Contrary to popular myth, Queen Mary 2 is *not* an Royal Mail Ship as her title is honorary as gesture to Cunard's heritage.  It was lucky we changed days as she wasn't running on Easter Sunday.  She went around us, giving the passengers good photo opportunities before docking in St Mary's.
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