Oriana (II) & Saga Ruby in the English Channel
While on QM2 shortly after midnight on the 15th December 2012 heading back to Southampton, we got a shippy bonus when Oriana and Saga Ruby left the port late.  Oriana had been having a deep clean after a much-publicised norovirus outbreak so sailed at 8.30pm, destination Oporto.  Once she had passed Rubes, she too left around 9.10pm, beginning her latest mystery cruise with her first port of Le Havre.  Due to our earlier arrival time, we were in the channel for the pilot station at Nab meaning both ships would pass our starboard side, which my cabin was on.  I could enjoy the gorgeous sights in comfort for a change!  Oriana was first, coming into view around 12.10am, passing twenty minutes later.  I sighted Rubes, thankfully also well lit, at nearly 1am but as she was going straight ahead, didn't take so long for us to reach her.
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© Patricia Dempsey 15th December 2012
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