Royal Princess (III), Queen Elizabeth (II) & MSC Magnifica in the English Channel
While heading back to Southampton on Braemar, three ships were visible.  Firstly, I spotted Royal Princess after dinner, heading to Le Havre.  An hour or so later, Betty and Magnifica were rapidly catching up, since we'd be last into Southampton.  Marine Traffic showed Betty's projected route as passing up starboard so I kept an eye out of the window.  When she disappeared, I went to deck 8 and saw her crossing our stern to port so went to deck 5, which was sheltered from the wind.  She pelted past averaging 20 knots to be in for 5.45am.  Magnifica took her time before crossing our stern to starboard more than an hour later.  I gave up and went to bed once she was level.
To see photos of QE and MSC Magnifica in Southampton with QM2, click here, while the review of my Braemar cruise can be found here.

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