Magellan & Saga Sapphire in the English Channel
Heading home to Southampton from Hamburg on the 6th January 2018, Marine Traffic showed the Cruise and Maritime ship, Magellan, heading in our direction.  The 46,052grt ship began life as Holiday for Carnival in 1985 and sailed for them until 2009.  She became Grand Holiday from 2010-2015 for the Carnival subsidiary, Iberoruceros, which is what I'd last seen her as.  She has been with CMV ever since.  She passed us just after midnight on the 7th, since we were still on European time.  She wasn't very well lit up which was disappointing.  Just over an hour later, we were getting closer to Saga Sapphire, catching up with her at what was now 1am since our clocks had gone back.  She was positively glowing with light!  I am so pleased Saga went retro.  She looks amazing with the funnel colour.
For photos of Saga Sapphire in Southampton the following day, click here.  To read the review of my Queen Victoria cruise click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 7th January 2018
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