Jewel of the Seas in Plymouth
The 27th July 2006 was the last ship of my visit to Plymouth.  The 90.090grt Jewel of the Seas was anchored bow facing The Hoe which was nice but for some reason a lot of people I overheard thought she was German!  Astor the day before was so I couldn't understand them at all, especially when so many didn't even know what she was called.  Like with Maasdam the week before, we decided to do a harbour tour for better views.
Although listed at leaving at 5pm, she, like Astor the previous day, was late due to tendering back passengers.  She instead began to slowly prepare to leave and then upped anchor at 5.25pm, blasting three muffled times as she made her way carefully out towards the open sea.


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© Patricia Dempsey 27th July 2006
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