Costa Voyager, Aurora, Adonia (II) & AIDAstella in the North Sea & English Channel
As we headed back to Southampton from Bergen on Queen Mary 2 on the 19th July 2013, we spotted a few ships!  We had missed Celebrity Eclipse, though at that time didn't realise it because the AIS positioned us close by and there was also sporadic mist.  In the misty distance we did spot something which turned out to be the cutie Costa Voyager killing time in the North Sea before going to Harwich the following day.  I'd only seen her as Grand Voyager.  Ironically, the first time I saw her was in Bergen in 2008 when I was aboard QE2 and here I was on another Cunarder looking at her again.  It was just a shame we weren't closer or it was clearer.
Around midnight, I spotted Aurora through the balcony door.  She wasn't very well lit up and quite far away so it was difficult to see but Adonia, which finally appeared almost an hour after first passing Aurora, was even worse!  Around 1.30am, my friend, Rob Ellerington Parr, looked outside and saw the AIDA sailing away from us so woke me up.  Apologies for the uncentred photos of the AIDA.  I was half-asleep.
To see photos of Costa Voyager in 2008 as Grand Voyager, click here.  The review of my Mary cruise can be found here.

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