Astor (II) in Plymouth
What a lovely day it was in Plymouth for Astoron the 26th July 2006 for the penultimate ship of my stay.   No stern towards us for this one, mainly because she was drifting on her anchor.  It was lovely to see her again after 16 years and I hoped it wouldn't be so long next time.  She was listed as leaving at 5.30pm but actually left at 5.57 due to still tendering passengers back  She didn't blow her horn which was disappointing.
In 2009 Transocean Tours went bankrupt.  A new company formed using a similar name and the ship underwent a major refit during the first quarter of 2010 for her new cruises.  For photos of Astor sailing from Southampton in 1988, click here.  To see her in arriving and docked in Zeebrugge in 2008 click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 26th July 2006
Not to be reproduced without permission
31st March 2010