AIDAstella, Crown Princess (II) & Ventura in the North Sea & English Channel
As we sailed from Amsterdam back to Southampton on the 27th April 2013 on Aurora, my dad texted to say AIDAstella was off our starboard side heading north.  She had been in Southampton the day before and it was ironic I was yet to see her there due to being on cruises during both her calls.  She was quite far away when I found her.
Later that night, around midnight off the Sussex coast, we passed Crown Princess and Ventura.  Crown was on her repositioning, which meant a return to Southampton after a year's absence on the 30th as she was replacing Grand during 2013.  She was on her way to Zeebrugge then Le Havre.  Meanwhile Ventura had sailed from Southampton and was on her way to Norway.  Both were difficult to see, Ventura being the worst of the two.
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