MSC Virtuosa, Britannia (II), Iona & Queen Elizabeth (II)
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all cruise lines suspended operations from various dates in March 2020.  Four ships on the 19th May 2021.  MSC Virtuosa had arrived on the 12th, Britannia and Iona the 16th and Betty the 17th.  As the weather was dry - for a change! - I headed over to Mayflower Park and Town Quay for photos.  It was a little windy.  When I arrived, Virtuosa crew were going through their MCA paces for restart with passengers the following day.  Also, as I sat on a bench, Betty's tender 16 returned to the ship from Britannia.
They changed Britannia to 12pm the following day so it was only Betty off.  Betty had another tender trip a few hours before her 8pm departure to collect contractors from Britannia.  Betty was 15 minutes late and then they did a full compass swing off Dock Head, which was worth missing the bus for and waiting a further 65 mins until the next.  At least it was still dry and a pretty still evening.
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