Queen Mary 2, Bolette & Spirit of Adventure (II)
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all cruise lines suspended operations from various dates in March 2020.  Three on the 20th November 2021.  Mary had been in since the 16th November preparing for restart at the end of the month while Bolette and Adventure were on turnarounds.  Because the Saga was actually the right way round like their old ships, I went over.  What used to take around half an hour took more than two hours so thank goodness for plenty of seating!
Mary was originally 4pm, Bolette 5pm and Adventure 6pm, changed to 6.15pm before arrival.  They brought Mary forward to 2pm so I went to the marina on the way home.  Then she failed to move.  She was taken off the list but put back on it after the pilot called in a delay, no new time given.  Her ropes started to go fifty minutes later, by which time it had become much colder after some light drizzle which hadn't been forecast, and I was wearing the wrong jacket.  Then I went home, having missed a second bus.  Bolette left on time but Adventure had called in at 4.33pm requesting a move to 7.15pm, since they had been told the slot was free.  It wasn't.  After VTS talked with the pilots, 8.15pm was the earliest provisional time they could given depending on traffic and pilot availability.  She left slightly early but had to wait for the car carrier Honor to complete the swing then follow her out, both passing the incoming container ship, MSC Ellen at Fawley.
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