Iona & Britannia (II)
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all cruise lines suspended operations from various dates in March 2020.  Iona had arrived on the 16th while Britannia returned on the 23rd.  Both were preparing for a return to service but also this was the first time Iona had sailed from her home port.  But first a rare thing.  Tug Tender Calshot had a new owner and was being moved to James Wharf at Ocean Quay at 10am, not far from the John I Thorneycroft & Co yard at Woolston she was built, for a three year restoration.  Tugs Wyeknot and Wyetow were attached while Steam Tug Challenge escorted her.
Back down in the evening.  Originally both were 6pm but Britannia was changed to 7pm with Iona an hour later.  It was pouring!  Britannia was late, and having to turn made her pass Iona around 8pm after greeting each other.  Meanwhile, the new flagship threw her own ropes twenty minutes late, meaning I missed my bus.  Thankfully it did stop raining but there were surprisingly quite a few watching.
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