Norwegian Encore, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria & Norwegian Bliss
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all cruise lines suspended operations from various dates in March 2020.  We were still getting our local waifs and strays (except Azura who had gone to Newcastle for lay-up) plus Royal Caribbean and Holland America Line.  On the 13th February 2021, I made my first freezing foray to the marina (which thankfully hadn't closed to the public during the current lockdown) for Norwegian Bliss, which had been hanging around the south coast for several months.  She was coming to transfer crew to Encore for repatriation.  Mary had arrived on the 9th, originally in 38/9 but had to make way for Bliss so was moved on the 10th to 104.  Vicky had been in since the 11th.  It was bitterly cold, windchill -8c in the wind.  With reduced buses, I just made it as she approached the pier while I sat down.
After successfully transferring the crew, it was time for Bliss to leave the following day.  The Queens sailed on the 15th while Encore set off on her repatriation trip via the Med to India and the Philippines on the 17th carrying 224 crew.
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