Silver Spirit, Ventura & Aurora
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all cruise lines suspended operations from various dates in March 2020.  Just three on the 2nd September 2021, none of which were taking passengers yet.  Ventura had been in preparing for restart since the 29th August and Silver Spirit the following day.  Only Aurora was due in from anchorage for a day call and was looking much better than the last time I saw her several months earlier.
Aurora was turning around at 2pm so I went back down for that.  She threw the ropes at 2.15pm and went to the Middle Swinging Ground to do her stuff before returning to the QEII Terminal until departure.
Only Ventura and Aurora were sailing at 6pm and 7.30pm respectively.  Ventura had to go and turn in the Upper Swinging Ground before heading out where she was due to drop anchor unusually at Salt Mead Anchorage.  Aurora followed as the sun was going down, throwing the ropes shortly before 7.30pm, returning to Weymouth anchorage.  Silver Spirit wasn't sailing until the next day, which would be her first with passengers.
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© Patricia Dempsey 2nd September 2021
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