Azura, Volendam (III) Southampton Debut & Aurora
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most cruise lines suspended operations in March 2020.  Another waif and stray and second Holland America Line ship we never see on the 1st October 2020 in the shape of Volendam, making her only call.  This 60,906grt ship debuted in 1999 and is a R-class, like Rotterdam and Amsterdam but with one funnel.  She left Gibraltar on the 9th September, arriving in Scheveningen (Netherlands) five days later.  Azura had arrived the day before.  Once Aurora had docked, with the assistance of Svitzer Mercurius, Azura set sail for Weymouth.
Volendam was due to sail at 4pm but it was put back to 6pm with Aurora an hour later.  The light was beginning to fade as she headed off to join Westerdam at anchor in Torbay.  Aurora had to turn around so I got her from the window.
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