Queen Victoria, Nieuw Statendam Southampton Debut & Arcadia (IV)
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all cruise lines suspended operations from various dates in March 2020.  The fourth and final Holland America Line waif and stray on the 15th October 2020 when Nieuw Statendam arrived.  Coming in at 99,902grt, the second Pinnacle class had her maiden voyage in December 2018 and was named the following February.  She had been mostly at Scheveningen anchorage, going between there and IJmuiden.  She left just after 8.30pm 12th for Southampton.  Arcadia followed her in at sunrise, joining her half-sister Vicky, who had been in port since the 8th.
Late morning, Vicky turned around, making it look like she'd got the hump with her half-sister.  She was remaining in port a bit longer while Nieuw Statendam was heading off at 5pm to join Westerdam, Volendam and Zaandam in Torbay and Arcadia was returning to anchor after casting off half an hour later.
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