Azura, Britannia (II), Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2, Silver Cloud, Marella Discovery 2 & Marella Explorer 2
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all cruise lines suspended operations from various dates in March 2020.  Hokey Cokey Marellas on the 28th April.  Marella Discovery 2 had popped in from anchor at 7am the night before and scheduled to sail twelve hours later.  Instead, she remained twenty-four hours so the 7am first daylight arrival for Marella Explorer 2 was put back to 11am then 11.15am.  After a glorious couple of weeks, the weather changed to what we had in March with wind and rain.  Due to Coronavirus restrictions, although not all during lay-up are shown, I have included them as they were in port.
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© Patricia Dempsey 28th April 2020
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