Ventura, Queen Victoria & Braemar (III)
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most cruise lines suspended operations.  Fred Olsen announced on the 13th March 2020 that all their ships would stop.  Braemar returned on the 31st March 2020, the last of the Freds scheduled for Southampton.  She had terrible publicity due to cases of Corinavirus and being unable to dock, even in her port of registry.  In the end, Cuba came to their aid, they flew passengers home and she subsequently sailed back to Southampton without stopping.  Ventura was in Mayflower Terminal with Vicky in City.  Because of the Coronavirus restrictions, although not all during lay-up are shown, I have included them as they were in port.
For photos of Braemar sailing to Rosyth to join her Fred Olsen sisters on the 3rd April, click here or the rest of the Coronavirus Southampton lay-up ships, go to 2020 in the Southampton Stalking Index.

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