Aurora, Ventura & Marella Celebration
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most cruise lines suspended operations.  P&O formally announced on the 16th March 2020 the Carnival policy of stopping until the 11th April.  Aurora had been in Southampton since that day, originally in Ocean Terminal before being moved to City while Ventura had been in Ocean since the 16th.  Aurora was sailing for lay-up in Dover and the wet and windy weather summed up the mood, despite all forecasts saying dry and cloudy.  Later that afternoon, Marella Celebration arrived in QEII Terminal for 4pm with the weather just as awful.  She was last seen in Southampton back in 2006 as Thomson Celebration.
For photos of Marella Celebration sailing on the 20th March, click here or as Thomson Celebration back in 2006, click here

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