Norwegian Encore, Azura, Aurora & Arcadia (IV)
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all cruise lines suspended operations from various dates in March 2020.  Four ships on the 29th October 2020.  Encore had been in since the 18th, with a provisional departure date of the 15th November.  Azura arrived on the 26th and was provisionally leaving on the 30th.  Aurora and Arcadia were the only day callers in the rain, Svitzer Harty assisting Aurora.
Aurora was the only one sailing in the afternoon, twenty minutes later than the scheduled 4pm so the light was fading while the rain started again.  Seagreen left her after finishing collecting the rubbish, as Svitzer Mercurious attached to her stern.  Svitzer Alma was at her bow.  She went astern to turn at Dock Head.  Arcadia sailed at 7.30pm.
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© Patricia Dempsey 18th October 2020
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