Ventura, Allure of the Seas, Queen Victoria & Britannia (II)
Hokey Cokey ships on the 30th March 2020.  Ventura returned from her tootle, heading back to Mayflower Terminal.  Allure set off on hers.  Vicky also came back, docking in City Terminal in place of Allure as the QEII Terminal would be needed for Azura a few days later.  They passed each other east of Cowes.  Britannia went on her first tootle, where she also weighed anchor near to Portland for a night.  Ocean Terminal was needed for Braemar.  Due to Coronavirus restrictions, although not all during lay-up are shown, I have included them as they were in port.
For photos of the cruise ship comings and goings during lay-up, check out the 2020 list in the Southampton Stalking Index..

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© Patricia Dempsey 30th March 2020
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