Ventura, Marella Celebration & Allure of the Seas UK Debut
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most cruise lines suspended operations in March 2020.  P&O formally announced on the 16th March 2020 the Carnival policy of stopping until the 11th April.  Royal Caribbean announced the same date on the 13th.  Allure of the Seas was in Barcelona preparing for dry dock in Cadiz when all hell broke lose and the country closed all ports so headed north to Southampton for 11am on the 20th.  The wind was bitter but at least not raining.  Julie Wells and her husband were there.  She had the tugs, Svitzer Eston and Svitzer Harty escort her.  I didn't wait for her to dock as it was far too cold.  In the afternoon, it was up to 35mph winds.  Ventura was listed to sail to Poole anchorage at 4.30pm while the Marella was 6pm to Nab anchorage.  She ended up in Portsmouth the following day while Ventura moved anchor to the Needles then tootled about until she was due to return on the 23rd.
For photos of Marella Celebration arriving on the 19th March, click here or as Thomson Celebration back in 2006, click here.

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