Celebrity Silhouette, Queen Mary 2, Crown Princess (II) & World Explorer Southampton Debut
The brand new World Explorer made her Southampton debut on the 22nd September 2019.  The first of a planned 10 ships built for Mystic Cruises of Portugal, this 9,300gt expedition ship was built in Portugal but delayed until April 2019.  During summer, she would be run by Nicko Cruises, a brand of Mystic Invest, while for Antarctica, she would be chartered by Quark Expeditions.  ABP had her arriving at 6am and sailing 8pm for some daft reason, when it was always 8am-6pm.  Thankfully they did correct it in the end.  John and Roz Kennedy came down to see her.  It rained a couple of times but thankfully stopped by the time anything began to move.  Silhouette went on time at 4pm, Mary was quarter of an hour late at 4.45pm and assisted by the tug Svitzer Harty, Crown had Svitzer Eston helping and sailed shortly after 5pm while the baby slipped out earlier than scheduled heading to Cherbourg instead of Guernsey due to the weather.

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© Patricia Dempsey 22nd September 2019
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