Vasco Da Gama Southampton Debut, Braemar (III) & Azamara Journey
Another debut on the 27th August 2019 with Vasco Da Gama making what was supposed to be the first of two visits.  The first of the Statendam class for Holland America Line, this 55,451grt ship debuted in 1992.  She was transferred with her sister Ryndam to P&O Australia in 2015 and renamed Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden respectively.  Three years later she became Vasco De Gama for Cruise and Maritime's German company, Transocean Kreutzfahrten during summer and their Australian office during winter.  Surprisingly, she had retained her HAL colours throughout the changes of management and ownership.  She sailed from Singapore to Tilbury in April, had her showcase then went on to Bremerhaven for her maiden summer season.  Azamara Journey was a semi-regular caller, but I missed her last visits.  They were all arriving at stupid o'clock (5.30am for Vasco and Braemar with the Azamara at 6am then 6.15am), while Vasco wouldn't be sailing until 10pm.  Well, as usual with ships, nothing went to plan as they were all very close as the dawn began!

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© Patricia Dempsey 27th August 2019
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