Oriana (II), Celebrity Silhouette, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth (II)
The 14th (10th in Southampton) and final Three Queens event for the for seeable future happened in their home port on the 11th August 2019.  Oriana had returned from her farewell cruise on the 9th, moved to 104 and was being destored so going nowhere for a while.  Silhouette was on a normal cruise and came in for her usual 5.30am.  I was on QE, returning from a three night cruise now she was back in the UK for a few months after being the other side of the world since February.  The order was Mary (portside QEII at 5.30am), Vicky (portside Mayflower 6.30am) and us (portside Ocean 6.30am) but Mary was behind schedule.  Thankfully, for a Cunard event, it stayed dry until everyone docked!
In the afternoon, we headed over to Shieldhall for the sailings.  The port, in their wisdom, dumped her in the health and safety nightmare that is berth 35.  There were no directions unless you were driving so our taxi driver dropped us near the tugs.  No one told us it was the wrong place, including the snippy security guard who stopped me taking photos of Mary, telling me to go back to the fence.  Talk about arse and elbow!  There were at least 4 or 5 coach parties, mainly comprising elderly people.  Then it came to the passenger changeover.  With broken concrete, cranes and things dangling from the grains, it was an ambulance chasing lawyer haven!  Once we all embarked, we tootled out past the Hook and slowly made our way back after Vicky passed us.  It was still incredibly windy, making it difficult to hold the camera steady, but a good day.  The other two passed Vicky themselves, who was going not much faster than a snail.  It was sad seeing Oriana all alone as we returned.
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© Patricia Dempsey 11th August 2019
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