Norwegian Getaway, Saga Sapphire & Britannia (II)
Britannia returned from her first refit on the 22nd October 2019 and was ready for her first fare paying passengers the following day.  She was joined by Saga Sapphire, having repositioned for her final winter season and Norwegian Getaway, which was returning to the US.  Because I was still recovering from the lurgy caught after the unexpected blustery downpour while waiting for Spirit of Discovery 6 days earlier, I got the latter two arriving from the window.  I went for the departures of Sapphy and Britannia.  Sapphy was due to sail at 4pm with the P&O 90 minutes later.  As Getaway wasn't leaving until 8pm, we weren't bothering.  Things always go wrong with ships!  The bus was 15 minutes late due to a new driver so it was the pier to watch them sail.  Only nothing moved!  Sapphy was doing muster so we waited.  The Sandbanks ferry was still in Hythe being repaired.  Finally, an hour late, Sapphy threw her lines while Britannia was doing their own muster.  It tried raining a few times and annoyingly, she passed the pier as people were getting off the ferry.  Britannia followed 45 minutes later and it rained for a while.  Then we went home.

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© Patricia Dempsey 23rd October 2019
Not to be reproduced without permission