Ventura, Queen Elizabeth (II), Aurora, Queen Mary 2 & Spirit of Discovery
Four ships on the 3rd November 2019 with Queen Elizabeth in for the final time until Cunard decide to return her from the other side of the world.  Ventura, Aurora and Mary would just be going on regular cruises.  Ventura and Betty were due to sail at 5pm, the latter receiving a firework send-off.  Aurora was 6pm with Mary half an hour later  The barge steamed off Hythe Knock buoy until it was decided Ventura would sail first then moved closer to the pier.  Quite a few people were down including a woman whose husband worked for the company organising the display.  Her friend told me Carnival paid for it all and would be set off between 5.15pm-5.45pm.  As usual, everything was late.  Ventura left at 5.15pm, Betty finally moving at 5.35pm with the fireworks beginning shortly afterwards.  No horn blow of acknowledgement afterwards or even to say goodbye.  Aurora set off after 6pm with Mary following once she'd passed and the heavens opened!  Meanwhile, Spirit of Discovery was arriving early due to the bad weather in the Atlantic, having skipped Ferrol.
For photos of Spirit of Discovery sailing the following day, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 3rd November 2019
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