Oceana (II), Queen Victoria & Queen Mary 2
First stalking of 2019 on the 10th January.  Oceana was heading off at 4.30pm to winter in Dubai and Asia and, if rumours are true she is next to be sold (possibly to P&O Australia to join her sister, the current Pacific Explorer), then it could be the last time she'd be in Southampton.  The Queens would be sailing on their world cruises, with fireworks scheduled for 5pm and they go half an hour later.  It was bitterly cold.  Stephen Brooke came to watch too, as well as some just for the fireworks, while the marina filled with people there just for the whizz bangs.  5pm came and went.  Oceana left around 5.10pm, with the fireworks beginning eight minutes later.  Grrrr!  Mary had been changed to 6pm while Vicky seven minutes left early!  The rain came down as she was turning, Mary moved back to was 7pm so we all went home.  She eventually left just before 8pm.

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© Patricia Dempsey 10th January 2019
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