Seven Seas Navigator, Braemar (III), Azura & Britannia (II)

Seven Seas Navigator made a return on the 8th June 2019 before heading to Brest for refit.  She had made her Southampton debut a year earlier but I was recovering from surgery so unable to get down to see her.  Due to going to Portsmouth for Boudicca, I got her, Braemar and Azura arriving from the house as she had a 1pm departure time.  Britannia had arrived just after 6.30pm the previous day and docked port instead of starboard.  Braemar had the tugs Buffalo and SD Stingray attached while Azura was assisted by Svitzer Eston and Svitzer Ferriby and docked starboard instead of the usual port.  It was one of those days!  

The 10.05am train was delayed 40 minutes so I got that one only to be told we all had to change at Fratton.  The guard had said go across the bridge so those of us unfamiliar with the place did, which was platform 1.  Turned out it was platform 3 and the departure screen doesn't mention that.  I just reached the train when the doors locked, as did another lady.  While waiting I saw the destination had changed on Marine Traffic to Dover so a quickish return to platform 1 to catch the train back to Southampton, which was also late.  This was a stopping South Western Railway one, making it tight to get the bus to Town Quay then walk.  I had to cross from platform 2 but the U1C was also running late so I made it in time.  

Then the bloody ship was delayed because of the cargo ship, Salahuddin, which had four tugs due to wind (Smit Elbe attached to the bow, SD Stingray forward port side, Lomax on the stern and Buffalo aft port).  Navigator had Svitzer Harty, just as she did on arrival.  The weather was still windy but also raining so I went home after that.  Tugs were still required for sailaway.  Braemar was carrying my friends Cedric and Sue on their first cruise, having Smit Elbe and took me by surprise.  Azura left over 20 minutes late with Svitzer Eston and Harty while Britannia was delayed half an hour, pulled out by Svitzer Alma and Svitzer Ferriby.

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© Patricia Dempsey 8th June 2019
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