Ventura & MSC Meraviglia
MSC Meraviglia made her second call of the year during a repositioning on the 24th September 2019.  Ventura was also in but I wasn't bothered about that.  Although the itinerary said 10am, she was due for 8.30am but still sailing at 10pm.  The weather was atrocious, thanks to storm Humberto, but not as bad as the forecast had said, although it messed the buses up in and around Southampton due to flooding.  I did discover my coat wasn't waterproof - grrr!  I was the only one there and thankfully it did stop raining as she neared Hythe pier. She was assisted by tugs, Svitzer Harty on the stern and Svitzer Bargate on the bow.  She sailed 45 minutes late.
To see photos from my visit to MSC Meraviglia in 2018, click here.

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