Celebrity Silhouette & Norwegian Getaway
Silhouette and Getaway both arrived on the 7th May 2019, but the latter wasn't supposed to be here.  NCL, in their wisdom, decided to add two days to the dry docking, so cut the crossing short, ditching Ponta Delgada and Portland, much to the furore of passengers who were told just 8 days before departure.  Surprisingly, despite her entering service in January 2014, and having been back in Europe in 2017, this is her first refit.  Dee Gen, from the Carnival Platinum Cruisers Plus group, was onboard and I met her later than morning and we took the ferry over to watch the departures.  You could see Nando Murrau (ex-St Cecilia) being refitted to join her Wightlink sisters in Italy.  Had a bit of a wander to show Dee some of Hythe, bought some cheese from the market then headed to the marina for the departures.  It had become colder and windier.  Both were due to sail at 4pm but were late.  Silhouette by 10 minutes while Getaway was moving out of Ocean Terminal as she passed.  Dee returned to her hotel in Southampton while we went home.

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© Patricia Dempsey 7th May 2019
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