Ventura, Norwegian Jade, Queen Mary 2 & Britannia (II)
Four ships on the 17th June 2018 and a lecture by Bill Miller at SeaCity Museum in the morning with my dad.  My friend Bill Forsstrom, currently on Mary until returning to New York, surprised me while Facebook friend and Cunard Past, Present and Future member, Edward Robottom, came down for it.  Neither the rain as we left nor the wet stuff at sailaway were forecast.  Britannia was listed for her usual 6pm with the rest at 5pm.  Ventura was on time, Jade still bunkering for a further half hour.  The Hythe ferry was Jenny Blue, as Hythe Scene was still in for refit.  Shieldhall returned from the Father's Day trip, blowing her whistle at Ventura the other side of the pier then the other three as she returned to 48 berth, getting a response from all.  Once Jade passed, Mary moved almost an hour late while Britannia shifted 20 minutes later.  Visibility was getting worse.

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© Patricia Dempsey 23rd April 2018
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