Queen Elizabeth (II), Queen Victoria & Saga Sapphire
The 7th January 2018 was the second time in two months I had returned from a cruise on Queen Victoria and had Saga Sapphire following.  Also, on this day, Queen Elizabeth was in as both Cunarders prepared for their world cruises.  Despite having a medivac off France, QE arrived for 6.15am.  We were supposed to be 7am with Sapphy half an hour later.  Something went a little awry with us being told it was due to traffic approaching the pilot station despite there only being offshore supply vessel Siem-N-Sea between us and QE, which we easily passed.  We and Sapphy approached Nab Tower on the west side instead of east which would delay us, while tanker British Eagle, left anchorage and crossed our path after we had the pilot.  It was bitterly cold and I'd arranged to meet my friend Maureen Hunt for breakfast so didn't wait for Sapphy to catch us up.
Originally the two Cunarders were listed to sail at 6pm but it was changed to 5pm for Betty with Vicky half an hour later.  Sapphy went on time at 4.30pm.  The wind was awful, making it bitterly cold, and straight at us.  The container carrier Linah delayed Betty until 5.30pm.  As I only had surgery less than four weeks earlier and was in pain I couldn't wait so we went home.
To see photos of us passing Saga Sapphire during the night, click here and the review of my cruise on Queen Victoria can be found here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 7th January 2018
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