Independence of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas, Royal Princess (III) & Britannia (II)
Four ships for the price of three as Indy was in after her refit and sailing on a press trip.  She was going to be joined by Navigator while Royal Princess was about to meet her sister Britannia in Southampton, both reunions were for the first time in Southampton.  Royal Princess was listed for 4.45am while Navvy 5am but they were at their usual times.  Britannia was 6.15am.
Back down for the sailings.  Navigator was scheduled to sail at 4.30pm with Indy and Royal half an hour later while Britannia was her usual 6pm.  Royal was subsequently changed to 5.45pm, which ended up being the time Britannia did muster.  Navvy started moving fifteen minutes late.  Indy had to wait for the cargo ship, MOL Triumph, to pass fist, then gave three blasts as she headed off to the Upper Swinging Ground on her showcase ten minutes late.  Royal began to throw her ropes once Indy passed.  There was no way Britannia would leave on time so we decided to head to the bus stop and she blasted around 6.40pm when it was a few minutes away.  I had the photos I wanted from the morning as well as Royal going astern as she sailed which is what I'd gone for.
For photos of Indy returning after refit, click here.

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