Saga Sapphire, Oriana (II) & Balmoral
The small and mid-sized beauties, Saga Sapphire, Balmoral and Oriana, were in on the 20th April 2018.  I went over to meet my friends Jeff Chaffee and John-Paul Evans, who were going on Norwegian Bliss the following day then I brought them to look around Hythe, where we met up with my dad.  Balmoral was getting her hull colour changed from grey to blue to match Braemar.
Later that afternoon, I met up with David Trevor-Jones for the departures.  It was an unbelievable 25c, but normal weather service would return over the weekend.  Sapphy was listed for 4pm, and they were doing muster with everyone on the boat deck wearing life jackets when we snapped them before heading to Calshot, while the other two were half an hour later.  Sapphy left just over 20 minutes late, Oriana 10 minutes late and Balmoral, despite being changed to 5pm, moved 20 minutes after that.  The heat created some interesting optical illusions, particularly of Balmoral as we sat outside the cafe and watched her.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th April 2018
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