MSC Meraviglia UK Debut
The third MSC ship in four days on the 26th April 2018 as MSC Meraviglia made her Southampton and UK debut.  Entering service in June 2017, this 171,598grt ship is, at the time of writing, the 5th largest in the world.  Only the Oasis class from Royal Caribbean are larger but MSC are catching up!  Meraviglia (pronounced "Meraveeleeah") is the first of her class.  Originally due for 8am, it was changed to 6.15am before finally settling on 6am.  She is the largest ship to turn in the Middle Swinging Ground but I couldn't stay to see her dock as I had to get over for my visit onboard her.  She sailed at 8pm.
To see photos from my visit to MSC Meraviglia, click here.

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