Queen Mary 2
Things were afoot with Mary.  She was due to arrive as usual on the 10th January 2018 after a week long crossing from New York but before she arrived, they had changed her arrival to 7.45am and departure to 8am on the 11th.  Cunard would say in private messages it was due to arriving late, bunkering and stores, yet were silent publicly.  She docked at 8am, a mere 90 minutes later than scheduled which wasn't bad considering she'd sailed from New York the following day due to weather, went through a storm and pelted across the Atlantic at more than 26 knots.  When Queen Elizabeth arrived nine hours late in 2015, she left 9 hours late after bunkering and loading stores.  Mary had an unmanned submersible out for part of the 10th and once it was out of the water, Whitonia was able to move off after finishing bunkering.  So we went down the following morning where she was hiding in the fog.  It had taken 14 years but she finally managed to hide!  8am came and went as the fog slowly lifted.  Finally, 48 minutes late, she gave three blasts and began to move very slowly then was off until May.

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© Patricia Dempsey 11th January 2018
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