THV Patricia, Marella Discovery & Queen Mary 2
Marella Discovery was in Southampton for the final time on the 18th October 2018.  When she made her maiden call on the 19th May, I was on Braemar.  She summered in Newcastle, returning in September for a month of cruises.  This was the first time I'd been able to see her.  Originally Splendour of the Seas for Royal Caribbean, this 69,472grt ship debuted in 1996 before being sold and transferred to TUI in 2016 for the Thomson Cruises market.  Thomson rebranded as Marella the following year.  Mary followed her in while THV Patricia had arrived two days earlier.  After breakfast, we headed to Calshot for Patricia's 9am departure.  She left 7 minutes early but didn't appear until 10am.  The container ship, MOL Tradition, was inbound.
Mary and the Marella weren't sailing until 6pm, but Waverley was scheduled to sail at 4pm.  She had been alongside since the 11th, having sheltered from the weather resulting in her final two Clyde excursions being cancelled.  She was moving, with the aid of the tug Wyeknot, by the time we got to the front.  Stephen Brooke arrived, having just missed Waverley.  It began to get colder as the sun was setting.  Mary was on the move fifteen minutes early while the Marella was on time after loading up for her departure to Cadiz for refit, where she arrived at lunchtime on the 21st.
To see photos of Patricia arriving on the 16th October, click here.

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