Celebrity Silhouette, MSC Magnifica & Royal Princess (III)
Three ships instead of two on the 20th April 2018 when Royal Princess arrived a day early.  She was supposed to join AIDAperla in Le Havre but due to bad weather, came here instead while ironically, the AIDA docked in the French port as usual when they normally drop it.  Celebrity Silhouette had returned from her two night cruise, the first of her summer season while MSC Magnifica was returning after a week away.  It was bitterly cold with 36mph winds when we went down for the latter two.  Silhouette needed no assistance but the other two did.  Svitzer Eston and Svitzer Alma guided Magnifica, but didn't attach, while Ferriby did attach to Royal Princess's stern while Bargate just guided forward.

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© Patricia Dempsey 30th April 2018
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