Ventura, Britannia (II), Arcadia (IV) & Costa Mediterranea
Bonus ship on the 11th May 2018 in the shape of Costa Mediterranea.  Her original schedule departed Savona on the 1st May then called at Barcelona (2nd), Palma de Mallorca (3rd), Malaga (4th), Cadiz (5th), Lisbon (6th), Vigo (7th), Le Havre (9th), Dover (10th) and ending in Bremerhaven on the 12th.  Things started okay but on the 4th she went to Almeria, Gibraltar (5th), Casablanca (6th), Lisbon (7th), Vigo (8th) and finally Guernsey on the 10th.  From here, she would go to Zeebrugge (12th) then Amsterdam on the 13th before going back to Zeebrugge on the 14th instead of Dover, where she would be instead on the 15th.  I'd hate to be those passengers!  Ventura arrived early from Guernsey and followed in by Britannia and Arcadia, with the Costa making up the rear.
My friend David Trevor-Jones picked me up in the afternoon and we went for the departures.  They were spread out with Arcadia 4.30pm, Ventura 5pm, Britannia 6pm and the Costa at 7pm but Ventura was put back half an hour.  It was very windy when Arcadia sailed and rained as Britannia neared, stopping as she passed Cowes.  Ventura was delayed again to 9pm so that just left the Costa and a downpour!  Time to go home and dry off.  Ventura was put back once again to 11pm but sailed at 10.45pm after fixing her mechanical problems.

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© Patricia Dempsey 11th May 2018
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