Queen Victoria & Britannia (II)
Down on a rainy 8th April 2018 to wave my friend Julie Newall off on Britannia. The weather kept a few people away - hooray!  Due to Vicky timewasting by being starboard in Mayflower, we went a little later and saw she was in the Upper Swinging Ground.  After she had turned and was heading out, I overheard one walker say to her husband, "It's slow, isn't it?"  It's a bloody ship not a Formula 1 car!  As Vicky neared Britannia, they were very loud.  Britannia was nearly 20 minutes late when she finally shifted.  Since buses went to one an hour after 7pm, we headed to the Green so there wouldn't be too far to walk.

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© Patricia Dempsey 8th April 2018
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