Ventura & Norwegian Bliss UK Debut
The brand new, 168,800grt Norwegian Bliss arrived in a hazy Southampton on the 22nd April 2018.  Unusually, there was one or two night trip from Europe then showcase.  This time, the showcase boarded in Bremerhaven and the first fare paying passengers got on in Southampton.  Originally due to arrive for 8am, they brought it forward 90 minutes, while Ventura was docking at 6am.  Due to overdoing things the previous day, I decided to just go for the sailing so got them both from the window.  It was a bit misty when Bliss emerged from behind the trees after 6am.
My friend Neill Kelly was going on Ventura and took a few photos of Bliss arriving from Mayflower Park then later one after hr had boarded his ship, and has given permission for them to be used here.
Time for sailaway and both were 5pm.  After a glorious day before, it was back to the usual hazy April.  A lot of people photoshop to create false conditions but I never do.  Princess Caroline was out and about, which was lovely to see.  Ventura was on time.  Bliss was almost fifteen minutes late, maybe due to muster at 4.30pm.

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© Patricia Dempsey & Neill Kelly 22nd April 2018
Not to be reproduced without permission