Independence of the Seas, Queen Elizabeth (II) & Azamara Pursuit
A naming on the 28th August 2018 when Azamara Pursuit was getting hers after Indy and Betty sailed.  I had the beginnings of a migraine so didn't go down for those two and got them from the house instead, with Betty following Indy out.
Azamara Pursuit was due to sail at 10pm and there would be fireworks.  Unfortunately, there was a new Harbour Master and his Notice to Mariners told you nothing except the barge would be 200m from the ship and when she sailed.  It used to have exact position of the barge as well as time and length of display.  It annoyingly started to rain but thankfully stopped just before the fireworks started at 10.05pm.  She blew her horn ten minutes later and began to move.
To see photos of when Azamara Pursuit arriving, click here or her sailing on the 1st August are here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 28th August 2018
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