Oriana (II) & Aurora
A rare occurrence on the 21st March 2018 when the last two pre-Carnival P&O ships, Aurora and Oriana, were in together.  It was actually the second time this month, having sailed out together on the 9th, but I was on Astoria so missed it.  Then, Aurora left well before Oriana, who had to turn around as well, so I hoped this time they'd be more cooperative.  Before settling down in the bitterly cold wind, there were some ducky delights as a solitary female appeared to have two suitors but followed when she was left alone.  I just love wildlife.  Both were starboard, with was a bugger with Aurora time-wasting unless they both moved off in tandem.  No such luck!  While Oriana left 10 minutes late, Aurora sat there with Svitzer Eston on her stern, only moving when Oriana was passing then took so long, Oriana was by Fawley by the time she reached Hythe pier.

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© Patricia Dempsey 21st March 2018
Not to be reproduced without permission