Astor (II), Queen Victoria, Ventura & Oriana (II)
Astor made a long overdue return to Southampton on the 20th July 2018, due originally to arrive for 1pm, it was brought forward half an hour and she was staying until 11pm.  It was my first ship stalking since surgery on the 4th so we went to Calshot to see her, deciding later whether I felt up to watching Vicky, Oriana and Ventura sail later or not.  The forecast was rain from 3pm but I had only some pain so we went down.  Vicky and Oriana were scheduled for 4.30pm with Ventura half an hour later but typically all three were bloody late!  Vicky by 15 minutes, Oriana left at 5pm and Ventura after she'd passed the pier.  A very large, noisy family were down to wave family members off and eat chips.  They had no idea what ship the person was on, thinking first it was Vicky, so they yelled and waved as she passed, doing likewise to Oriana.  Then their relative phoned and they discovered they were onboard Ventura, which they continued calling Victoria for some reason.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th July 2018
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