Saga Sapphire & AIDAmar
Saga Sapphire and AIDAmar were in on the 13th November 2018.  I had a visit organised then would lunch with Nigel Banks, COO of Saga Cruises.  I was a bit worried at the pass office when several people before me weren't on the list.  I was though.  A nice lady called Maja showed me around, but due to my hernias and crippling back pain, I wasn't able to do as much as I'd have liked so we returned to the Drawing Room where she got me a cup of tea and left me to my own devices until I had to be back in Reception to meet Nigel for lunch.  It was still disembarkation.  A guy called Mark from Vancouver was calling the disembarkation.  We had a brief chat after the last had gone.  I had a wander on the deck before making my way back down to deck 7.  Nigel arrived and we went into the restaurant.  The food was superb as was the company.  I was allowed to stay onboard a little longer so returned to Coopers to see if Perry Grant was around.  He had finished on Navigator of the Seas the week before and boarded Sapphy that day.  He had been on all my Celebrity Constellation cruises but hadn't seen him since 2012 so it was nice having a brief catch up as he set his equipment up.  I was off the ship by 2.25pm and got a taxi back to Town Quay.
After the visit, I caught the 4pm ferry back.  It was Jenny Blue, not the best for photographing ships, only Sapphy didn't sail for another 45 minutes, when she silently moved away from the berth.  It was nice being the only one on the pier.  AIDAmar was scheduled to sail at 7.15pm but left 20 minutes late due to a cargo ship arriving so I got her from the window.
Thanks to Nigel, Sue and Maja at Saga.  For photos of my visit to Saga Sapphire in 2013, click here while a Facebook group for fans of Saga cruising (or holidays) can be found here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 13th November 2018
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