Arcadia (IV) & Viking Sea Southampton Debut
Viking Sea was a new caller on the 27th April 2017.  At 47,800grt, she is the second of the proposed eight ships for Viking Ocean Cruises.  She was christened in Greenwich on the 5th May 2016 after a maiden voyage which began on the 3rd April.  The Viking Ocean Cruises ships so far had taken the names of the former Royal Viking Line trio, Royal Viking Star (currently sailing as Black Watch for Fred Olsen), Royal Viking Sky (Boudicca, also with Fred Olsen) and Royal Viking Sea (Albatros for Phoenix Reisen).  Since Royal Viking Sea was the first I saw in 1988, it was apt Viking Sea was my first of the new ones.  We were being hit by an Arctic blast so it was very bitterly cold.  Arcadia, back from the world cruise, was due for 5.45am with Viking Sea 6am.
Arcadia was scheduled to sail at 4.30pm with Viking Sea half an hour later.  Viking Sea was delayed by a late coach, finally left at 5.45pm with 742 passengers.  Meanwhile, Arcadia was delayed due to having to disembark a passenger with a broken leg so sailed at 6.15pm with now 1995 passengers.
To see a photo of Royal Viking Sea in 1988, click here.

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