Queen Victoria, Oriana (II), Ventura & Saga Sapphire
Queen Victoria returned from her four month Med fly cruise season on the 13th November 2017.  We would be reunited with Oriana and Sapphy, who had been in Barcelona with us on the first day of the cruise.  Oriana had also been with us in Gibraltar for a couple of hours.  Ventura came from Zeebrugge.  It was bitterly cold so I just popped in and out, not bothering with any docking.
Sapphy headed off to refit later than her 2pm schedule.  Due to it being so cold, we just went down for the departures of the others but caught her as she neared Fawley.  Vicky and Oriana were listed for 4.30pm which Ventura half an hour later.  It ended up being a reverse of the arrivals and, as during my cruise, the Captain of Vicky had an aversion to blowing the horn.  Meanwhile, the Blue Funnel boat Oliver B was alongside the pier in place of Jenny Ann.
The review of my Queen Victoria cruise can be found here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 13th November 2017
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