Saga Sapphire & Oriana (II)
Saga Sapphire returned to Southampton following refit in Bremerhaven on the 2nd December 2017 but looked a little bit different.  She had the yellow funnel Saga had been famous for.  Her rendering had that originally but someone decided to go blue.  I have loved this beauty since seeing her as Europa in 1987 and followed her since her arrival for Saga in 2012.  She left Bremerhaven dry dock at around 2.15pm CET, clearing the lock an hour later.  Her arrival times in Southampton varied.  It started as 12pm then brought forward to 9am, forward again to 11am.  The day before return, it was moved to 10.30pm, then 8.30pm and finally 9pm.  After testing portside lifeboats as she passed Fawley, she actually docked just after 10pm, with the aid of tug Wyestorm.
The following day, Sapphy was joined by Oriana.  These two last met on the 13th November when Sapphy went to refit and had been in Barcelona with me on Queen Victoria.  Oriana was due to sail at 4.30pm with Sapphy an hour later.  It rained a bit but thankfully stopped before we got to Hythe.  Sapphy appeared to be doing muster around 4.30pm while Oriana left fifteen minutes later.  The latest Supermoon rose as Oriana was moving but became covered by cloud afterwards.  Sapphy had Wyestorm and Wyeforce but didn't bloody move.  I had hurt my ankle, which could have been from the weight of the hernia which should have been repaired in April since it buggered my knee, so we didn't stay as it was a long hobble to the bus stop.  She left around 6.50pm so I got her from the window then put my leg up.
To see the photos of Sapphy on the day she sailed to refit and Oriana, click here.

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